Short Film/Trailers/Videos   Sumitted by
Collecting Rectangles Series by Ellen Mueller
The Right to Remain Silent by Guillermo Gomez
The Code of Cain by William De Vital 
Boomerang the Reckoning by William De Vital 
Red Dog AKA Dog Brown by William De Vital 
Effort of a speech between two people by Natalie MacMahon
Perpetual by Peter Ahlén Lavrsen 
Over/Under by Logan Norton
The Masked Man by Jamar Bevel
Table for Two by Jake Alda Coffey
Something To Believe In by Kent Blake
DEFACTO INC by Rob Azevedo
'Twas the Night of the Krampus by Donavon Thompson 
Strange Places by Cynthia Bergen 
The Border by Alessandro Wingfield
Within by Raymond Daniel 
IDENTITY by Pradeep Patole 
The Fantasy of the Deer Warrior by Peter Millar 
The Anklet by Guillaume Levil
Put Down by Rick Limentani 
The Other Dreamers by Roy Zafrani 
Black-Body Radiation by Alain Basso
Two Kinds of People by Quincy Perkins 
Drinking with Strangers by Jon Garcia
Honey Pot by Merve Tekin
What goes around by Martijn de Boer
The Gift by Jennifer Bushnell 
A Special Place by Matt Gray
Jenny Fandel: From Behind the Desk by Dalton Wiechmann
Those Homes Unaffordable by Mao-Quan Guo
S.J. Cooper to Shiny Chris by Carmine Caradonna
Left Handed Secret Agent by Carmine Caradonna
Every man has a price by Andrea Filardi
Swimmers by Joachim Bon
I'm Alive (Rose Version) - Tommy Waters by Ritchie Vermeire
Rose by Ritchie Vermeire 
The Aims Of One by Ryan Tracy
Early Release by Stephen M. Hunt
Spoon Dog by Christopher Dinnan
Pathfinder by Tom Smith
Smoke by Tom Smith
Empty by Tom Smith
Kill Hand by Devashish Sargam
Lonely Night by Paul Gibbs
Amazin' Grace by Larry Dotson
Once A year by Ian Adema
AMOR AMORE by Cathy Guillemin
CAPUT MUNDI by Clelia Di Briggido
Yuri on the Phone by Rene Nuijens 
To See The Voice by Danilo Bechara
Girlfriend by Robert Thomas
Ground Control by Mary McGahren
The Edge Film Trailer by Julianne Neal
The Cockroaches by Gabe Farmer 
A Piece of the Pie by Bryan Brooks
Out of a Limb by Patrick Loy
Aestas by Guillaume Comtois
Refraction of Awareness by Cameron McIntyre
Far from Home by Katrin Salhenegger
Bella Joy by Brandon Leland
Run Through The Forest Run by Gary Wronecki
Who is Riley Oakes? by Naddine Madell
On a wire by Nicolas Lugli
Gradient by Wyatt Parks 
Pushing Resistance by Dieter Sturm
Paul Haber:Against the Wall by Andrew Hollan
Flamingo by Shameem Ahmad Nawber
The Zombie Kid by David Heck
Ramble by Andreas Ramm
Bungalow Expose by Sheila Gail O'Rourke
Harlan County: A Road to Change by Kim Childers
Vestia by Kim Childers 
Solveig by Yana Titova
Yours Accidentally by Steven Forrester
Rasika Mathur: Truth Teller by Tania Romero
Vertex Duo by Arnab Chatterjee
Howell by Leon Williams
DOMESTIA by Jamon Holmes
The Double Cross by Mark Brocking
The Barber's Cut by Mark Brocking
Trance by Ziwei Qin
Vanitas Vanitatum by Nora Hegedüs
Jewish Blind Date by Anaelle Morf
Karikari by Marcus Fiebig
Peter's lens by Karim Missouri
Fruitcake by Harriet Croucher
UnitedWeWin by Henrik Friis
Schizophrenia by Justin Sims
Manana by Rahil Abbas
The Green Eye by Cynthia Bergen
REM by Marilyn Swick
Sixteen Sunrises & Sunsets by Marilyn Swick
You Won't Define Me by Marilyn Swick
Stephen The Time Travelling Dog by Kyran Davies
Valicha: A Tribute to the Andean Women by Ricardo Quispe
Ineffable Taste by Hsin-Ta Chiu
Cuisine of Taiwan, Passion of Cook - Braised Pork leg with dried bamboo
shoots. by Hsin-Ta Chiu
Cheers! Moscato Oro Vino Fortificato NV by Hsin-Ta Chiu
My Father's Vineyard by Hsin-Ta Chiu
El Perdido (The Lost One) by Banning Lary
Almost Mine by Frank Ladner
Night of the Living Relatives by Thomas Martinez
P.U.L.S.E - Prosocial Uniting Life Stabilization Experiment by Patrick Templin
Mando Mercs Five-0 Clan Celebration by Jamon Holmes
The Flight of Iro and Casper by Paul Herbert
Instant Zero by Yannick Mourcia
Mannetjes by Hein Van Dijk
Vessel by Damon Rivera
Don't Kill Grandpa Until We Strangle The Babysitter by Kelly Hughes
Nights by Claude Gu
Paradise by Jose Alban
Tailypo by Cameron McCasland
One Too Many by Sinead Stoddart
Lila & Valentin by Adrien Lhommedieu
PRINCESS by Vito D'Agostino
Little Victories by Megan Jones
Trolley by Garrett Stoler
LILAC - Series Pilot - "Getting the Point Across" by Hank Isaac
The Call by Alban Ravassard
The Cave of Masks by Ana Dascalu
Christmas List by Rhys Parsons
Eskimo Brothers by Michael McCallum
Cabrón by Sam Ainsworth
Puppy Love by Graeme Willetts
KATHAROS by Evan Obrien
Forgiveness by Irani Rima
My Tempest by Jay Pennington
Redemption: Between the Lines by Jackie Magdaleno
Imprison by Emma Brett-Phare
Bionic by Dan Corbett
Hi Stranger by Priyadarshi Sidhartha
Fandango by Thomas Makinson
How He Came Back Home by Nikolina Cudic
Icarian by Jonah Goldberg
Badi' Al Zaman by Arhum Khan
Torrent by Damon Rivera
The Tormentors by Darren Downs
Wake by Michael McCallum
Money is Our Goal (Who Robbed Red) by Adwoa Daniels
A Prodigal by Alex Philippi
Jaal-The Cobweb by Sayantan Ghosal
A Family Story by Lino Kafidas
In Search Of by Paul Dombrovskis
Hourglass by William Pelegreen
Love at First Sight by James Kendall
Boris and Igor by Linda Niksic
ABC by Shajan Samuel 
The Lingerer by Hernan Caraballo
I Am The Doorway by Matthew Rowney
Half & Halfmby Dave McGlone
My Stars Above by Andrew Norbeck
Thennamcholai by Vijayarahavan Ponnusamy
Doggone It by Davie Marchant
The Lost Dream by Anthuwan Xavier
Come Closer My Love by Anthuwan Xavier
Cowboy Up! aka Cowboy Asteroid Attack by Mitchell Rad
Best international short-shorts (under 5 minutes)
best international young filmmaker Short-short
Icarian - directed by: Jonah Goldberg
best international drama short-short
Two Kinds of People - directed by: Quincy Perkens
best international comedy short-short
The Double Cross - directed by: Mark Brocking
best international comedy anime' short-short
Boris and Igor - directed by: Linda Niksic
best international experimental short-short
Refraction of Awareness - directed by: Cameron Mcintyre/Jeff Lorillo
best international zombie short-short
Love at FIrst Site - directed by: James Kendall
best international horror short-short
Lonely Night - directed by: Paul Gibbs and Patrick Gibbs
best international student anime' short-short
Fruitcake - directed by: Harrient Fancis Croucher
best international student short-short
Paradise - directed by: Jose G. Alban
best international sci-fi short short
BIONIC - directed by: Dan Corbette
best international dark comedy short-short
Puppy Love - directed by: Graeme Willetts
best international action short-short
Mando Mercs Five-0 Clan Celebration - directed by: John "Keoni" Maemori
best inernational anime' short-short
Mannetjes - directed by: Mira Chandler
best international drama
In Search Of - directed by: Paul Dombrovskis
best international experimental short
Forgiveness - directed by: Rima Irani
best international first time filmmaker
IDENTITY - directed by: Amar Bharat Deokar
best international lgbtq short
Perpetual - directed by: Peter Ahlen Lavrsen
best international spiritual short
A Special Place - directed by: Matt Gray
best international dark comedy short
Put Down - directed by: Rick Limentani
best international documentary
Truth Teller - directed by: Tania Romero
best international musical documentary
My Stars Above - directed by: Andrew Norbeck
best international student documentary
United We Win - directed by: Henrik Friis
best international horror short
The Call - directed by: Alban Ravassard
best international student short
Hourglass - directed by: Joseph Pelegreen
best international web series short
LILAC - Getting the Point Accross - directed by: Hank Isaac
best international imrovisational web series
Money Is Our Goal - directed by: Adwoa Daniels
best international zombie short
Run Through the Forest Run - directed by: Tim Faraday
best international thriller short
JAAL - The Cobweb - directed by: Sayantan Ghosal
best international fantasy short
Pathfinder - directed by: Tom Smith
best international foreign short
Manana - directed by: Ather Chaudhry
best international young filmmaker short
Every Man Has His Price - directed by: Andrea Filardi
best international sci-fi short
I Am The Doorway - directed by: Matthew Rowney
best international action short
Twas the Night of the Krampus - directed by: Donavon Thompson
best international Action trailer
The Code of Cain - directed by: William De Vital
best international sci-fi trailer
Torrent - directed by: D.J. Rivera
best international documentary trailer
The Edge - directed by: James O'Connor
best international drama trailer
Red Dog AKA Dog Brown - directed by: William De Vital
best international music video
Pushing Resistance - directed by: Dieter Sturm
best international music video by a young filmmaker
Badi' Al Zaman - directed by: Arhum khan
best of festival
Boomerang the Reckoning - directed by: William De Vital
Texas ultimate short award
(for films that were made in the great state of Texas)
Amazin' Grace - directed by: Larry Jack Dotson

Official Selection and Winners January 2016