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Official Selection and Winners February 2016 
Short Film/Video    Submitted by
Tindog Tacloban-Resilient Tacloban by Hari K. Nibanupudi
North Coast 500 by Robbie Laughton 
Sundown by Damon Rivera
Only Wanna Party 2015 - by Raymond Rolak
Blood Art by Austin Kelly 
Kumar and Jen Go to Dinner by Alan Dunkel 
Sleepwalkers by Altea Claveras 
Above & Below Galápagos National Park  by Behind the Mask Florian Fis
Shark & Lion by Behind the Mask Florian Fisc
The Son of Piggyzilla Trilogy by Dee Lewis 
Woman of the House by Aidan Gibson
Thumbeliam by Jamie McKee
La Liberacion de AlEXIS / The Discovery of Santos by Ralph Isenberg
Save my dreams by Maryam Rahimi 
The Ventilator by Elena Sagresti 
Beatin by Quentin Perez 
Escaping the Gang Life by Roman Xing
Is It Just This? by Graeme Noble
Hello by Jim Russell
Camp by Gustav Högmo
Seamless Love by Danielle Orbach
Untouched Project: Homebase by Mitja Legat
Shine Inside Crazy Diamond by Cem Balaban
Grammy by Jill Gevargizian
Lost in Expression by Bruno Rose
Rainfall by Esther Aubuchon
My Father's Garden by Danar Omer
Zombie Playground: Ice Scream by Jason Wright
Fix This by Matt Aucott
The Choice by Annamaria Lorusso
Sardinia Cosmic Megalith by Ilaria Godani
Clutch by Nicholaus Woodhouse
Something About Us by Hyunmyung Nam
I'm not a Band - Easy by Toby Wulff
MONA by Lorena Sopi
Trailer Park Gigolo by Jack zullo
Why Live! by Carmine Caradonna
The Truth About Daisies by Ronny Huffstutter
Just In NY by Jiny Productions
The Magician by Andrew Rubin
Butterfly by Jason Zhang
White Lions: Ngala Yobasa by James Suter
Escape by Pierre Le Gall
Ukraine will win! by Tymur Landriev
Floors of Memory by Maria Rashova
Agent by J Nicholas Meese
Counterweight by Ashleigh Cote
Don't You Forget About Me! by Anthony Mariani
Give and Break by Nicolai Caspari Stigar 
A Tale with Christ and Jesus by Oldren Romero
Black Hole by Benjamin Muller
Deadbeat by Danielle Morgan
1st Session by Alain G Cloarec
Brother by Mahkia Greene
The Exchange by Zach Chartier
Domar: To Tame by Benjamin Ades
Wingmen by David Alfano
The Guest by JG Yeon
WITCH! by Suzanne Mackay
Deeper Than A Crush by Alexis Rajah
Unfathomable Reality by Sneha Shrotri
The DooDoo Man by Raymond Daniel
Landscape by Paul Gibbs
Sun Comes Shining by Silvano Plank
It´s up to you - (si sta bene anche senza…) by Silvano Plank
Survivor by Dan Tonkin
Switching Beers by Dan Tonkin
INFECTED by Jason Wright
Alma by Mariana Garcia
The Talk In The Nigh by Christian Hanna
SA by Ronnie Cramer
Directors on Directing by Damien Patrik
StalkerZ by Damien Patrik
High Signs by Damien Patrik
In The Blink by Damien Patrik
Night Light by Cynthia Bergen
Sixty Four by Tiemo Weidemann
Blood County Harvest by Jon Gonzalez
Head Shop by Jon Gonzalez
To Live by Christian Hanna
The Places You'll Go by Jesse Salazar III
Plus by Mônica Abreu Machado
Self Popular by Omri Harmelin
(Little) Red Riding Hood by Daniel Jenny
The Last Show by Roberto Flores 
No Place Like Home by Emily Langdon Smith
Liquid Lungs by Ken Cohenthe
Blue Room -al-ḥamdu li-llāh by Bettina D'mello
Good Company by Jared Theus 
First Encounter With Authority by Yavuz Özer
Combat Ready by Miguel Mouchess
For the Moment by Ronda Swindell
Dance Times by Maud Mascré
More Than Two Hours by Ali Asgari
UndRape by Drono Acharya
Bandhan-A Perception by Drono Acharya
Story of a Girl by Jonathan Smith
Lapsus by Karim Ouaret 
Deal? by J. Hanna
Marie Antoinette by J. Hanna
Transport by J. Hanna
Soul Breaker by Judson Vaughan
Look by Isue Shin
Secret of the Southeast by Logan Riely
Intoxication by Kristian Thorup
Supastoopid by Matthew Avant
Bolero de Amor by Alex Suszko
Snowroad by Heiko Aufdermauer
The Prisoner's Voice by Ethan Dennis
Sanctuary by Ashley Hudson
Timberline by Tim Wade
Differences Between Men and Women by Carl David Blake
A Brief Understanding of A Clockwork Orange by Dennis Manning
The Barnhart Incident by Dennis Manning
Rose Film by Israel Marquez
Vampiras by Bruna Rubio
I'll Walk With God by Ian Woodward
Wally by Andy Galloway
Gonzales: Come and Take It! by Andy Galloway
Stranger Side by Max Clendaniel
What The Doctor Ordered by Audrey Noone
Vindication by Jarod OFlahert
Life On Mars by Andie Isaacs
With Dad by Amey Richards
Come Back by Chris Esper
I Hear the Future by Chris Esper
Float by Orion Kaminky
PORDIOSEROS by Roberto Solis
IL Principio Del Male by Stefano Santoro
Killer Heels by W. Mark Dendy
De Nada by Stephen Reynolds 
The Loop by Jesse Williams Ofori Boateng
On The Sideline by Silvana Torricella
Life Lessons from a Young Girl by W. Mark Dendy
Jack the Ripper: Reality and Myth by M D
Junksville by Luke Whitworth
Sea View by Ruslan Izhguzin
AVOY by Pedro Duran
Impure by Sarkaut Taro
The White Room by Dan Balchen
ONE by Tyler Johnson
When it is Not Your Time by Alexandre Ottoveggio
Who are you Mr. Frank? by Mauro Villani 
She Waits by Cedric Smith
Dirty Work by Dániel Füzes
The Goat by James Button
Duel on the banks of the Mauldre by Mehdi Noblesse
Shallow Creek by Gregory Brown
Beatin by Quentin Perez
YanYan - Strange Connection by Nueraili Maimaitimusha
Meatloaf by Hartley McGuire
Mr. Bastard by Michael Mathews
That Reminds Me... (4 episodes) by Potatoes Tomatoes
A Conscious Dream  by Giuseppe Oliverio
Ronnie's Wake by Robert David Duncan
Mourning in China by Robert Factor
The Cupcake by Weihuan Zhuang
Georgian Dance by Salome Tkebuchava
Book Box by Apis Teicher


**Best international short-shorts**
    (under 5 minutes)
Best International Sci-fi Short-Short
Transport - Directed by: J. Hanna
Best International Dark Comedy Short-Short
1st Place - Vampiras - Directed by: Wesley Armstrong
2nd Place - Directors on Directing - Directed by: Damien Patrik
Best International Young Filmmaker Short-Short
Meatloaf - Directed by: Hartley McGuire
best international foreign short-short
Homebase - Directed by: Mitja Legat
Best International Young Filmmaker anime' Short-Short
Ukraine Will Win - Directed by: Timothy Landriev
Best international Horror Short-Short
Little Red Riding Hood - Direced by: Stéphane GUENIN and Daniel JENNY
Best International Horror Micro Short (Under 2 Minutes)
Night Light - Directed by: Isaac Rodriguez
best international experimental anime' short-short
SA - Directed by: Ronnie Cramer
Best international experimental short-short
StalkerZ - Directed by: Damien Patrik
best international documentary short-short
Stranger Side - Directed by: Max Clendaniel
Best International Musical Documentary short-short
Junksville - Directed by: Luke Whitworth
Best international student short-short
Brother - Directed by: Mahkia
Best international student anime' short short
Give and Break - Directed by: Nicolai Caspari Stigar
best international comedy short-short
The Goat - Directed by: James Button
Best international thriller short-short
The Loop - Directed by: Jesse Ofori Boateng Williams
Best international drama short-short
Escape - Directed by: Pierre Le Gall
**Best International Shorts (5-50 minutes)**
Best International Sci-Fi/Adventure Short
Sea View - Directed by: Rualan Lzhuzin
Best International Sci-Fi/Experimental Short
Why Live - Directed by: Carmine Caradonna
Best International Sci-Fi/Drama short
Sundown - Directed by: Zachary Simon
best international young filmmaker sci-fi short
To Live - Directed by Chrs Hanna
best international first time filmmaker short
Sixty Four - Directed by:  Tiemo Weidemann
best international thriller short
Lapsus - Directed by: Karim Ouaret
best international comedy short
Wingmen - Directed by: Colin Ferri
Best international student drama short
1st Place - On the Sideline - Directed by: Silvana Torricella
2nd Place- Alma - Directed by: Mariana Garcia Arteaga
3rd Place- Dance Times - Directed by: Maud Masere'
best international student psycho/horror short
The Talk in the Night - Directed by: Chris Hanna
best international student Rom/Com Drama short
Seamless Love - Directed by: Danielle Orbach
best international student LGBTQ Romance short
Lost in Expression - Directed by: Bruno Rose
best international student crime drama short
One - Directed by: Nathan Banister
best international student documentary short
Secret of the Southeast - Directed by: Logan Riely
best international documentary short
1st Place - Above and Below: The Galapagos National Park
- Directed by: Behind the Mask: Florian Fisher
2nd Place - Sardinid Cosmic Megalith - Directed by: Ilaria Godani
3rd Place - White Lions - Directed by: James Suter
Best international historical documentary short
Gonzales TX: Come and Get It - Directed by: Andy Galloway
best international kids documentary short
The Places You'll Go - Directected by: Jesse Salazar III
best international young filmmaker documentary short
1st Place - Georgian Dance - Salome Tkebuchava
2nd Place - The Prisoner's Voice - Directed by: Ethan Dennis
best international sports documentary short
North Coast 500 - Directed by: Laughton / Miranda
best international LBGTQ Documentary short
WALLY - Directed by: Andy Galloway
best international experimental short
The Magician - Directed by: Thom Lu
best international Surreal short
Snow Road - Directed by: Lukas Plodek
best international horror short
INFECTED - Directed by: Jason Wright
BEST FX IN an international horror short
Soul Breaker - Directed by: Judson Vaughan
best foreign drama short
1st Place - More Than Two Hours - Directed by: Ali Asgari
2nd Place - Look - Directed by: Mika Morikaiva
3rd Place - Black Hole - Directed by: Benjamine Muller
best foreign horror/drama short
The Choice - Directed by: Annamaria Lorusso
best foreign experimental short
It's Just This - Graeme Noble
best foreign documentary short
Tindog Tacloban-Resilient Tacloban - Directed by: Archie Omega
best international TV/Web Series Short
1st Place - Just in NY - Directed by: Yolanda Garcia Serrano
2nd Place - Trailer Park Gigolo - Directed by: Sebatian Heinrich
3rd Place - That Reminds Me - Directed by: Jenny Paul and Wendy Seyb
best international dark comedy
Dirty Work - Directed by: Daniel Fuzes 
best international crime drama
1st Place - AVOY - Directed by: Pedro Duran
2nd Place - Sun Comes Shinning - Directed by: Silvano Plank
best international action short
AGENT - Directed by: J. Nichlas Meese
Best international Action/Suspense short
Shine Inside Crazy Diamond - Directed by: Cem Balaban
best international Action/Drama
Escaping the Gang Life - Directed by: Klement Tinaj
best international LGBTQ Short
1st Place - A Tale of Christ and Jesus - Directed by: Oldren Romero
2nd Place  - The Difference Between Men and Women
- Directed by: Carl David Blake
3rd Place - Something About Us - Directed by: Nam Hyunmyung
best International zombie short
Zombie Playground:Ice Cream - Jason Wright
best international western short
Duel on the Banks of the Mauldre' - Directed by: Mehdi Noblesse
best international anime' short
Counter Weight - Directed by: Ashleigh Cote
Best International Trailer for a TV Series
Jack the Ripper: Reality or Myth - Directed by: Brian L. Porter
Best intrenational Noir Trailer
Killer Heels - Directed by: W. Mark Dendy
Best International Thriller Trailer
IL Principo Del Male - Directed by: Stephano Santoro
Best international horror trailer
1st Place - Blood County Harvest - Directed by: Jon Gonzales
2nd Place - The Barnheart Incident - Directed by: Dennis Manning
best international drama trailer 
First Encounter With Authority - Directed by: Yavuz Özer
best international music video
Only Wanna Party - Directd by: Brian Kohne
best international noir music video
Beatin - Directed by: Quentin Perez
Best international dance music video
Easy -  Directed by: Toby Wulff
best international animated music video
The Magician - Directed by: Thom Lu
best internationl surreal music video
The Blue Room - Directed by: Bettina D'Mello
best international  romance music video
Comeback - Directed by: Chris Esper
best international sci-fi music video
I hear the Future - Directd by: Chris Esper
best international alternative rock music video
FLOAT - The Deadbeats - Directed by: Orion Kaminky
**Best international drama short**
best international musical drama short
1st Place - I'll Walk With God - Directd by: Ian Woodward
2nd Place - For the Moment - Directed by: Ronde Swindell
best international romance drama short
1st place - Strange Connection - Directed by: Nueraili Maimaitimusha
2nd place - PLUS - Directed by: Monica de Abreu Machado
3rd place - Fix This - Directed by: Matt Aucott
Best international drama short
1st Place - Vidication - Directed by: Jarod O' Flahterty
2nd placePordioseros - Directed by: Carlos Jesus Garcia
3rd placeImpure Directed by: Sarkaut Taro
BEST OF FESTIVAL - February 2016
Vindication - Directed by: Jarod O'Flaherty
**Best Texas Ultimate SHort**
There were 18 films entered from the great state of TexAS
1st place - Rose - Directed by: Israel Marquez
2nd place - De Nada - Stephen R. Reynolds
3rd place - The Head Shop - Directed by: John Flores
Best young filmmaker from Texas
To Live  - Directed by: Chris Hanna
Festival Director's Choice award
MONA - Lorena Sopi
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